© Judit Hettema 2022

Judit Hettema is creating complex, symmetrical, patterned photographs from spaces, often hard to get acces to. The relation to painting, or more precisely, the fascination over colouristic possibilities through the patterned surface, is obvious.
So is the dreamlike quality Hettema is achieving both in her photographs and in her video work.

Gertrud Sandqvist (Professor of art theory at Lund University)


In her work a different world is recorded by the camera than the one we are accustomed to see.

Bas van de Hurk (artist)


With the use of different media: photography, video and film Judit Hettema explores spaces with a social or cultural meaning for people or she seeks to uncover the abstract, architectural meanings in a particular space. By doing so layers of space, time, memory and consciousness are revealed.

Sabin Bors, (writer, art reseacher) curator Anti-Utopias